ImageMapper provides the capability to directly access DDP and CMF files

The Ultimate Productivity Tool

No more delays waiting on a test disc to view the contents of a DDP or CMF image. Images can now be mounted directly from a source tape, hard disk, or network server and the image accessed as if it were a replicated disc playing in a CD or DVD drive. ImageMapper is an invaluable productivity tool for authors and mastering facilities wanting to inspect and Q.C. DDP and CMF masters.

The Perfect Player Emulator

Mount a DDP or CMF master from hard disk, network server, DLT or Exabyte tape using ImageMapper and immediately play, browse and inspect the master on your PC. Use a standard DVD software player to view a single or dual-layer DVD image directly from the master tape. Even play and listen to audio images through your favorite media player. These capabilities make ImageMapper the perfect tool to compliment any anti-piracy program.

A New Level of Confidence

ImageMapper provides authoring studios the ability to inspect a master image to verify content and functionality. Mastering facilities now have the ability to mount incoming tape and hard disk images and inspect their contents using standard PC tools such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® to view file versions, perform searches, view properties and scan for viruses. ImageMapper provides the capability to directly access DDP and CMF files.

Benefits Summary

  • View movies and listen to audio images using your favorite player directly from tape or hard disk
  • Inspect image contents for anti-piracy compliance
  • Improve response times and reduce costs by not requiring test discs

Features Summary

  • View, scan and play DDP and CMF images directly from the source tape, hard disk, or network server
  • Use conventional PC tools, such as Windows Explorer® and Media Player® to view and play masters
  • Mount and play DVD Video source tapes, including dual-layer images
  • Mount and listen to CD Audio images on your PC using a standard soundcard


  • DVD player software for viewing DVD Video
  • Media player® for listening to audio images


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