ImageAnalysis CD/DVD

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ImageAnalysis Examples: CD-I, CD+G with Subcode Viewer, Link Blocks

One tool to handle all common input medium, CD and DVD Books and formats. It reports gapping and format violations, 3rd layer errors, and uncorrectable audio errors. ImageAnalysis ensures that problem CDs, DVDs, tapes, or file sets are discovered before time is lost in production. With the configurable interface, you decide the level of protection required. ImageAnalysis does the rest, automatically analyzing the image and interpreting the results. ImageAnalysis excels as a media and format analyzer in both premastering and the QC environments.


  • Analyze Image for compliance to Book/format specifications
  • Pre-scan source media prior to mastering to avoid mastering system problems
  • Check quality and format accuracy of a replicated or recorded disc

Tests Performed

  • Automatic Book/format/recording mode detection. Supports ALL CD Books/formats (including Multisession, Track incremental, and Track At Once)
  • DDP file set validation
  • Low level format analysis by checking for:
    • Main Channel Compliance to Book defined rules (e.g. gapping rules)
    • Subcode noncompliance (e.g. timing)
    • TOC and Sub Channel data for differences (e.g. recording mode (PSEC))
  • High level media analysis by checking for:
    • 3rd layer EDC and ECC errors (uncorrectable and correctable)
    • uncorrectable audio read errors
    • read retries and player speed changes
  • CD/Tape Media performance analysis (data rate, soft read errors)

Supported Media

  • Image media can be any of: CD-R, CD Replica, Exabyte 8mm, or DLT Tape, Local or Network file (DDP format)
  • Analysis speed up to 32X for CD-ROM, 4X for Audio CD , using standard hardware

Customizable Settings

  • User selectable error, warning, and information events related to specifications violations
  • Exclusion of certain formats
  • Go/No-Go operation using user settings

Reporting Features

  • Complete Table of Contents, Subcode change points, UPC/EAN and ISRC codes, session information
  • On-line help to explain rules, exclusions, and errors
  • Print results and/or save detailed report to disk file


  • Windows NT allows for running multiple simultaneous copies of program
  • No custom hardware (uses standard systems and devices)