EclipseSuite CD/DVD

Protect your process with this professional-grade premastering and verification software. Used for analyzing, copying, and verifying all CD and DVD images -- from authoring to final QC

Expert level analysis

Quickly and efficiently prescan and convert images for mastering. EclipseSuite’s expert-level analysis engine ensures every image conforms to all Book and Format Specifications.

Fast and efficient

Prescanning and analyzing images before sending them to mastering can minimize time-consuming and costly mastering failures. By utilizing the latest technology, EclipseSuite provides up to 40X CD and 8X DVD analysis speed. This unparalleled speed and its multi-tasking capability lets you quickly test all source images without slowing down your process.

Network Mastering

EclipseSuite is designed to support network mastering. You can copy CD and DVD images to local or network hard drives. Every image is fully analyzed as it is copied. The optional ImageIntegrity module ensures images move securely through your process.

Operator Friendly

Go/No-Go results, simple screen and printouts, extensive on-line help and explanations all add up to an easy to use, operator friendly system.

Highly Configurable

More than 1000 user-definable test rules and preferences make EclipseSuite a perfect match for any process. Each rule can be set to any of seven severity levels.

EclipseSuite Programs


ImageVerify allows you to compare CD or DVD replicas to the original CMF source or the to the ImageIntegrity signature created early in the process. Having such flexibility gives you the freedom to archive images at any of several steps in the process and later use them as a source for verification. When comparing to the original source image or signature, ImageVerify decrypts the replica. This important step ensures accuracy of the encryption and mastering processes.  


ImageAnalysis is an image scanning tool designed to quickly analyze a source master or replica for format errors. At the heart of the software is Eclipse’s format analysis engine. With more than 1000 rules specifically dedicated to CD and DVD formats, ImageAnalysis is the tool of choice to identify issues before they become problems. Used by authoring houses and replicators alike, ImageAnalysis will give you a comprehensive picture of the format compliance of master images or replicas. ImageAnalysis checks for file system compliance, CMF compliance, and CSS compliance. New rules are regularly added as new authoring errors and drive compatibility problems are discovered.


ImageCopy is a file transfer and conversion program designed to analyze, move, and protect images as they move through the manufacturing process. ImageCopy handles the complete process efficiently and accurately – all in one simple step. It identifies critical format errors to ensure bad images are identified early in the process. And, when possible, ImageCopy fixes authoring problems that would make the master otherwise unusable.


ImageUtilities is a collection of useful tools for more in-depth analysis of CD and DVD images. It includes main channel and subchannel viewers linked to the EclipseSuite programs that allow you to examine underlying data. This is especially useful for understanding many of the subtle problems that can occur during mastering. ImageUtilities contains several other useful tools, including an ISRC/UPC/MasterID editor, and tape utilities that enable you to copy and more thoroughly analyze tape images.

Product Features

  • Expert-Level CD & DVD Analysis and Reporting

    • More than 1000 user-settable Rules and Behaviors

    • Main and subchannel compliance

    • DDP and CMF file set validation

    • TOC validation to subchannel

    • Validation of Gapping Rules

    • Copy protection detection

    • File system information (ISO 9660, HFS, Joliet, UDF)

    • VOBU and Title Key validation

    • Validation of control data

    • CSS sector tag validation

    • Title Set info display

    • Macrovision detection (optional)

  • Supported Input Media

    • CD or DVD recordable or replica (non CSS)

    • DDP-on-disc

    • DLT

    • CMF or DDP file image

  • Detailed Log File Generation

  • Advanced Copy and Verification Capability

    • Correction of invalid PSEC flag

    • Correction of invalid CSS sector tags

    • Selectable final postgap strategies

    • Conversion between media types

    • Storage mode conversions (user data, fully processed data)

    • Removal of link blocks

    • Compatible with DDP 1.0 & 2.0 and CMF specifications

    • Bit-to-bit main and subchannel verification

    • Comparison of TOCs, ISRCs, UPCs

  • More than 1000 user-settable Rules and Behaviors

  • ImageIntegrity Option

    • Verify After Copy

    • Checksum creation and validation

    • ImageSignature creation and validation