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ImageAnalysis is an image scanning tool designed to quickly analyze a source master or replica for format errors. At the heart of the software is Eclipse’s format analysis engine. With hundreds of new rules specifically dedicated to the Blu-ray format, ImageAnalysis is the tool of choice to identify issues before they become problems. Used by authoring houses and replicators alike, ImageAnalysis BD will give you a comprehensive picture of the format compliance of master images or replicas. ImageAnalysis checks for UDF 2.5 file system compliance, CMF compliance, and AACS compliance. New rules are regularly added as new authoring errors and drive compatibility problems are discovered.

EclipseSuite BD

EclipseSuite BD are professional-grade premastering and verification tools. This next- generation suite offers the same high level of productivity and analysis that you have come to expect from Eclipse.

Go with the standard

No one knows formats like Eclipse. Just as EclipseSuite is the standard for CD and DVD premastering and verification, so are EclipseSuite BD for the next-generation products. Developed in co-operation with the Blu-ray format founders and pioneers, EclipseSuite is ready to help you with these processes and protect you from costly mistakes. You can count on the format experts at Eclipse.

New formats – new rules

The heart of EclipseSuite is the rules-based analysis engine. EclipseSuite BD adds hundreds of new rules, including more than one hundred checks to ensure the new high density UDF file format and CMF files are represented correctly. EclipseSuite will make certain that your Blu-ray images are safe to process and that you accurately replicate your customer’s master.

Protect your process

While the benefits of hard drive and network mastering are tremendous, the process creates an opportunity for data corruption as images are copied and moved. ImageIntegrity eliminates this risk. Its use and operation is consistent with Eclipse’s simple approach to testing – it automatically detects any data corruption and alerts the operator.

Ultimate flexibility

No two processes are alike. And only you know the intricacies of your process. To accommodate this, Eclipse’s powerful analysis engine lets you customize the severity of the hundreds of test rules in EclipseSuite BD. Rule sets, preferences, and behaviors can be all created and saved into profiles for use in different areas of the process, or to be shared with your customer – ensuring compatibility.

Other EclipseSuite Programs

ImageCopy BD

ImageCopy is a file transfer and conversion program designed to analyze, move, and protect images as they move through the manufacturing process. These functions are more important than ever for the large images required for BD. Unlike CSS which was done during mastering, the AACS copy protection encryption used for Blu-ray is applied during premastering. ImageCopy handles the complete process efficiently and accurately – all in one simple step. It identifies critical format errors during the encryption process to ensure bad images are identified early in the process. And, when possible, ImageCopy fixes authoring problems that would make the master otherwise unusable. ImageCopy with AACS is an extremely fast and efficient encryption process that is simple to use and familiar to operators.

ImageVerify BD

ImageVerify BD allows you to compare AACS encrypted replicas to the original CMF source image or to the premastered encrypted image. In addition, you can verify to the ImageIntegrity signature created early in the process. Having such flexibility gives you the freedom to archive images at any of several steps in the process and later use them as a source for verification. When comparing to the original source image or signature, ImageVerify decrypts the replica. This important step ensures accuracy of the encryption and mastering processes.

EclipseSuite Features

Certificate Management Utility

The AACS encryption used on Blu-ray poseses significant challenges to replicators. AACS Encryption requires communication to the License Authority for each title. This disruption can cause several days of delay in processing images. In order to make this process as simple as possible Eclipse created the Certificate Management Utility. The CMU monitors and displays the status of all AACS images allowing the operator to know the status of pending jobs. Running in the background in premastering, it allows the operator to extract content certificates from images to send to the License Authority for signing, as well as reinsert the signed certificates back into the images. Most importantly, the CMU validates that the signed certificate matches the target image, making it impossible to incorrectly sign an image. The CMU can be fully automated so images can be signed automatically upon receipt of certificate with no operator intervention required.


An important feature of ImageVerify BD is the ability to compare a replica to a signature of the original source. Eclipse’s ImageSignature is created early in the process and provides a small, but statistically ensuring representation of the image. Only 16 bytes, a signature can be manually entered or quickly read from a network location without consuming the network bandwidth that a complete image comparison does. And because the ImageSignature stays with the image, it allows you to quickly track an image anywhere in the process.


The primary components of ImageIntegrity track and protect images as they move through the premastering and mastering processes. An auto-verify function ensures that images copied to a hard drive for local or network mastering have been copied accurately. In addition, images are safeguarded with checksums, ensuring protection from network or hard drive corruption. Often, the Eclipse checksums are being added to images during authoring, allowing ImageIntegrity’s protection to start at the earliest possible point in the process.1

Other Features

  • UDF Analysis2
  • Layer matching
  • CMF Validation3
  • AACS Key Management
  • On-line help


1 Sonic Scenarist® includes ImageIntegrity checksums

2 UDF Analysis is a DVD Forum approved test tool

3 CMF for HD DVD-ROM and 3X Speed DVD-ROM is the official DVD Forum cutting master format. BD CMF is the official Blu-ray cutting master format

Typical HD/BD Process
Typical HD/BD Process