ImageIntegrity protects your data through every step of the process, from customer master to replica.


From the time a master enters your factory, to when you ship replicas, that data travels through cables, interfaces, memory, networks, and the mastering encoder. During this journey the data faces many hazards such as electrical noise, cross talk, hardware glitches, corrupt file systems, and even human error. How do you know whether your data has arrived safely? ImageIntegrity.


When a file is copied, ImageIntegrity performs two critical functions. First: Verify-after-Copy ensures that the image you copy is exactly the same as the master, and second; it calculates an array of checksums that protect the files. This assures that any corruption is detected and reported as your image moves through the various steps of your process.


Once installed, ImageIntegrity works behind-the scenes of EclipseSuite and ImageEncoder and only alerts you if there is a problem. You can now analyze, copy, network verify, or master an image with confidence. ImageIntegrity also includes a maintenance feature that can validate all of the previously loaded images on your server. If you need to edit a DDP, or otherwise intentionally change an image, you can update the checksums.

Universal Format Support

ImageIntegrity works on all type of data, whether Audio, Video, ROM, CD or DVD. It works with DDP formats, CMF formats, encrypted and non-encrypted data. Any format handled by EclipseSuite or ImageEncoder gets the protection it needs from ImageIntegrity.

ImageIntegrity Features


With ImageIntegrity enabled, ImageCopy automatically calculates checksums. Each of the DDP and track files are protected. Any subsequent corruption will be detected and reported.

Encoder Integration

Every Eclipse ImageEncoder includes ImageIntegrity as a standard feature. Adding ImageIntegrity to your EclipseSuite gives you a total process protection.


Verify-after-Copy automatically performs a bit-to-bit comparison between the source and output image. You can choose to enable this feature for maximum protection, or disable it for higher throughput.

ImageIntegrity ICheck

The integrity of images received across a network or the Internet can be confirmed with ImageIntegrity's ICheck Utility.

ImageIntegrity Solution Highlights

During transfer, there is always a risk that images cab be damaged. The larger the image, the more likely that something can go wrong. Power surges and network or SCSI corruption while infrequent, do occur. Human errors can also corrupt the integrity of an image. Left undetected, you replication line are production worthless discs.

Benefits and Features Summary

  • Protects data with Checksums
  • Automatically detects data corruption
  • Selectable Verify-after-Copy
  • Option add-on for EclipseSuite
  • Standard feature with ImageEncoder


ImageIntegrity now includes ImageSignature support!