Master Image Read-in and File Transfer

ImageSend is a file transfer program designed to simplify the electronic submission of masters to replication plants.


ImageSend uses Eclipse’s industry-standard analysis and copy engines to ensure that every master is thoroughly checked before sending. Analysis rules are created by the receiving plant and are delivered as part of their plant address information. Analysis log files are created and sent with every image for analysis by the receiving plant. Log files from failed masters are sent without the master image.


ImageSend creates and sends images using standard DDP protocol and protects them with Eclipse’s widely-used ImageIntegrity checksum. This ensures every image is received intact by the plant. This same ImageIntegrity checksum maintains protection of the image as it moves through the glass mastering process.


For security, received images can only be read by the plant that created the plant address used to read-in the master. Read-in is done using any current ImageCopy program inside the plant where the image is ‘unlocked’. SIMPLE-TO-USE ImageSend is a single-screen application that allows for simple ‘Go/No Go’ operation. The operator only needs to select the master image source and the plant address from the address book. On completion of the read-in and analysis, good masters are moved to the FTP queue to be sent sequentially.


Receiving plants can include a customizable form as part of their plant address information. Any included forms are opened automatically to allow the ImageSend operator to fill-in any required or optional information associated with the master. Examples of this are: purchase order, job identification, or other tracking information. Other files may also be attached to the master before sending.


ImageSend consists of two fully automated processes. The read-in process utilizes Eclipse's industry standard analysis and copy engine. Using analysis rules defined by the receiving plant, ImageSend simultaneously copies, analyzes, and protects the master image with checksums. The FTP process then sends the complete master image including logfiles and metadata to the FTP address defined by the receiving plant. When masters fail read-in, log-files can be sent to the plant for review.

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • PIII 800Mhz or higher
  • Internet Connection
  • Available USB or Parallel Port
  • Supported read-in drive1

Supported Formats

  • All CD Formats
  • All DVD Formats
  • Source can tape, disc or file1


1 See Supported peripherals