ImageCopy CD/DVD

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Now image media conversion and storage is no problem. Copy any supported input medium to any supported output medium, even CD-R. ImageCopy can help correct problems with original masters and put the image where it is needed, when it is needed. And don't worry, all images are subject to the same stringent analysis provided by ImageAnalysis. ImageCopy uses the industry standard DDP 1.0 and 2.0 file formats, and provides support for multisession and DVD discs as well.


  • Image media conversion from any supported Source to any supported Destination (e.g. Tape to CD-R, CD-R to File, etc.)
  • One-off test samples
  • Upload to file server

Operations Performed

  • Full analysis of Source media equivalent to ImageAnalysis
  • Copies Main channel data and Subcode R-W data for ALL CD Books/formats
  • Automatically builds DDP file set for tape and file outputs. DDP is placed on front of target media when applicable
    • DDP includes all index points, UPC/EAN and ISRC codes
    • DDP 2.0 file set generated when required (e.g. Multisession)
  • Optional on-the-fly conversion of Source to fully processed data, possibly speeding up mastering

Supported Media

  • Source media can be any of: CD-R, CD Replica, Exabyte 8mm, or DLT Tape, Local or Network file (DDP format)
  • Destination media can be any of: CD-R, Exabyte 8mm, or DLT Tape, Local or Network file (DDP format)
  • Write speeds up to 4X for CD-R

Customizable Settings

  • User selectable error, warning, and information events related to specifications violations
  • Exclusion of certain formats
  • Go/No-Go operation using user settings

Reporting Features

  • Complete Table of Contents, Subcode change points, UPC/EAN and ISRC codes, session information
  • On-line help to explain rules, exclusions, and errors
  • Print results and/or save complete report to disk file