ImageVerify CD/DVD

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ImageVerify not only validates an integrity of an image, but also the format structure and compliance to book specifications. And not just the Main Channel, but also the TOC and Sub Channel. No more Karaoke without the pictures!!! ImageVerify can verify images on different supported media (i.e. tape to CD), and even a pressed replicate to an original CD-R, regardless of any book translations that may have occurred. ImageVerify performs the same level of format analysis as ImageAnalysis, on both the Source and the Target.


  • Quality control check of replicates
  • Verification of media conversion operations

Operations Performed

  • Full analysis of Source and Target media equivalent to ImageAnalysis
  • Compares Source image to Target image for logical equivalence
    • Bit by Bit user data (including audio)
    • Bit by Bit R-W subcode data
    • Header and Subheader fields
    • EDC and ECC fields
    • Zero region for mode 1
  • Automatically handles recording mode differences or format conversions between Source and Target (e.g. link areas)

Supported Media

  • Source and Target media can be any mix of: CD-R, CD Replica, Exabyte 8mm or DLT Tape, Local or Network file (DDP format)
  • Verification speeds are up to 32X for CD-ROM, 4X for Audio, using standard hardware.

Customizable Settings

  • User selectable error, warning, and information events related to specifications violations
  • Exclusion of certain formats
  • Go/No-Go operation using user settings

Reporting Features

  • Complete Table of Contents, Subcode change points, UPC/EAN and ISRC codes, session information
  • On-line help to explain rules, exclusions, and errors
  • Print results and/or save complete report to disk file


  • Windows NT allows for running multiple simultaneous copies of program
  • No custom hardware (uses standard systems and devices)