ImageArchive is an add-on module for ImageCopy that enables the storage of DDP and CMF images on recordable disc.


ImageArchive uses Eclipse’s industry-standard analysis and copy engine to ensure that every master is thoroughly checked during the archiving process. In addition, ImageArchive incorporates the confidence and safety provided by ImageIntegrity’s checksum and bit-for-bit verification. Detailed log files are created and stored on every image for future reference. This proven technology produces archival masters than can be trusted and depended on.


ImageArchive fits into your existing process perfectly. Archive discs can be created using the standard ImageCopy user interface that is familiar to your operators. ImageArchive’s dual-output feature allows the incoming master to be loaded to the mastering network and archived to disc in the same operation. All copies are analyzed and verified. ImageArchive minimizes additional training and process modification and can be implemented with ease.


Eclipse has incorporated archive support into all EclipseSuite programs. EclipseSuite programs now scan for ImageArchive masters and properly process the image without the risks associated with mishandling the archive disc. Archive masters are also supported by ImageEncoder and ImageNet Schedulers and can incorporate ImageIntegrity Signatures for replica verification.