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ImageDecoder provides real-time analysis of EFM output signals

Data Integrity

Mastering and replication resources are valuable, so early detection and prevention of errors is a high priority. The ImageDecoder is an instrumental tool for ensuring the integrity of EFM signals. When connected to an LBR, or other EFM source device, the ImageDecoder decodes and analyzes the output signal making certain it meets Book and format specifications. This real-time analysis ensures that any format error occurring in the EFM signal being written to the glass master or read from a stamper or replica is immediately detected and reported.

Hands-Free Operation

Automation is a key to improving productivity. The ImageDecoder has been automated to minimize operator intervention. The operator no longer needs to start and stop each job, AutoDetect performs the function automatically. AutoDetect senses the presence of a valid EFM signal and configures the decoder speed accordingly, all without operator intervention.

Proven Technology

The ImageDecoder is based on Eclipse’s proprietary analysis engine. It provides real-time analysis of the decoded EFM signal using its database of more than 500 user-selectable rules. Analyzed images are temporarily stored and can be compared to the original source using the built-in ImageVerify function.

Improved Productivity

The ImageDecoder is a powerful, multi-tasking system capable of comparing up to three captured images to their sources, while concurrently decoding and analyzing another EFM signal. ImageDecoder allows you to easily detect format errors early in your process preventing costly rework.