The Ultimate Decision Tool

You know the scenario — this customer’s master is the most urgent ever –– as always. It’s difficult to read without CUs. But not all CUs will have an audible effect on the quality. AudioViewer will zero-in on the CUs to help you determine how copying will affect the quality of the sound. Now you can choose whether to move the copy to mastering or request a new master from your customer.

Focused Listening

Your QC operators are falling asleep listening to your Audio CD production. AudioViewer comes to the rescue. It gives you the ability to review cueing, such as proper placement of track changes and index points.

Powered by EclipseSuite

AudioViewer is used in conjunction with your existing EclipseSuite modules. It operates as simply as the other Eclipse viewers (Main Channel and Subchannel). AudioViewer is no further away than a click of the mouse – there if you need it, away when you don’t.

See the Sound

As its name indicates, AudioViewer lets you visualize the amplitude envelope on screen. It highlights critical points such as track, index changes, and location of CUs. View the entire disc, or zoom to a specific range. This powerful visual aid is also complemented by a CD+G subviewer that displays the contents of the R-W sub-channel, such as used in Karaoke.

AudioViewer Solution Highlights

AudioViewer works hand-in-hand with ImageAnalysis, ImageCopy and ImageVerify. It facilitates premastering listening tests and helps evaluate the effects of errors and modifications that can occur during premastering. It also displays R-W information to view and verify Karaoke and CD Graphics. After performing an analysis on an Audio CD or an Audio DDP Image, AudioViewer displays the right and left channel amplitude envelope. Key points such as track changes, index changes and the location of CUs are displayed along with the amplitude envelope. Any location can be interactively selected. The operator can listen to the CD continuously or choose a number of listening modes for any of the points marked.

Benefits Summary

  • Helps with critical decisions such as accepting or rejecting CUs
  • Focuses the attention of the technician doing listening tests
  • Listen to audio before the replication process

Features Summary

  • Zoom function (along the time axis)
  • Several play functions:
    • Continuous play, play from given point, play to point, play through point
    • Seek to session, track, index, A-time, sector location or CU location
  • Playback from file, CD, CD-R, Exabyte, and Stamper
  • CD+G (RW sub-channel) viewer
  • Volume adjustment
  • Amplitude envelope is optionally stored in log file
  • Right, Left, or Both channel select