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ImageUtilities is an add-on component that can be used with any of the EclipseSuite premastering modules. It contains a collection of handy utilities for the professional premastering engineer. Many of the "it would be nice if ..." requests result is additional tools in this package.

Main Channel Viewer (See example)

The Main Channel Viewer allows you to ‘drill-down’ to view underlying data. It is seamlessly integrated into all EclipseSuite modules.

The viewer can be opened from the Analysis or ETOC tabs by simply right-clicking on an ATIME and then selecting the Main Channel Viewer. This allows you to rapidly navigate to an image's trouble spots. All formats can be displayed: Audio, Mode 0, Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 2 Forms 1 and 2. All of the fields of an ROM sector are highlighted with user definable colors, making visual parsing much easier. Third layer or CU errors are displayed in inverse video.

A significant feature of the Main Channel Viewer is that it can be used on a CD/DVD image regardless of the storage medium. This means you can examine information on a tape, CD/DVD, or disk file. Also, data may be exported to ASCII files.

Subchannel Viewer (see example)

With the Subchannel viewer, you can easily view subchannel data such as Track number, Index number, control/address, ATIME, RTIME, ISRC's, & UPC. Any subchannel CRC errors that occur are indicated in the CRC column.

The viewer is seamlessly integrated into all EclipseSuite modules and is easily launched with a right-click from the ETOC or Analysis tabs.

QuickEditor (see example)

QuickEditor allows entering or editing of UPC/EAN code, ISRC codes and Master ID. It adds an optional ImageCopy behavior that opens an editing window when enabled. Current image information is displayed and can be edited prior to completion of the copy.


This general purpose utilitiy performs tape to tape, or tape to file copies, for any tape format. Neither DDP nor ANSI/IBM labeled format is required. The record sizes and blocking factors of the original will be preserved. This is handy for making copies of non-DDP tapes, such as Unix tar backups.

TapeDir (see example)

Performing a directory of a tape and showing the soft error rates is the purpose of TapeDir. Whether the tape is ANSI/IBM labeled or not, the tapes files and block sizes are displayed along with a performance graph that included the location and count of the soft error occurrences.

XA to Mode 1 Converter (see example)

This utility allows you to convert a CD-XA disc image to a Mode 1 disc image. Occasionally, discs that should have been written as Mode 1 are accidentally created as CD-XA. This is typically due to the fact that the authors are unfamiliar with the authoring tools or unfamiliar with the reason to select Mode 1 versus CD-XA as the output format. This causes needless compatibility problems in certain drives that don't support the CD-XA format.